Action learning

Understanding the need for soft skills training

Research shows that in order to achieve optimal success, a company should equip and develop staff. Equipping refers to teaching a skill that the individual has to perform as part of their job requirement, often referred to as �hard skills�. Developing is helping individuals to acquire and develop personal qualities and skills that will help them to be more effective, often referred to as �soft skills�. At Ci2i, we believe that people in management positions are more effective, resulting in better overall productivity in a company, when they have had soft skills training.

An Outcomes Based focus

Outcomes for training courses are drafted by assessing the needs of the company. We will conduct an assessment to determine the company ethos, the results required by senior management and the individual goals of the managers who are being trained. Having an outcomes based focus means that training courses are designed and structured so that staff successfully demonstrate the desired outcomes as a result of having completed the training. Achieving outcomes and successful implementation are essential goals of all training courses offered by Ci2i.

Structure of the Training

Soft skills training courses are structured in such a way as to emphasise practical implementation of the course content in the work environment. The Ci2i soft skills training aims at modifying work behaviour and attitudes, so the courses are intensive. Optimal results are often achieved when soft skills courses are run in modules over a period of several weeks.

For example: A module could last six to eight weeks if training is held on two morning sessions of two hours each per week (this also minimizes the time duration that managers spend away from their staff). As a result of the emphasis on implementation, the first session would focus on the education and training of content to ensure that the theory is understood. During the second morning, the training consultant spends time interacting with managers, coaching them on a practical level to ensure successful implementation of the content and encouraging them to demonstrate the desired outcomes.

Content of the Training

The content of the modules is determined by the needs of the company and its staff and based on an assessment to determine the needs. Ci2i will then research, design and develop the modules in such a way that they are relevant to the managers and to their working environment. The course modules are also based on the manager�s current level of understanding and pitched at achieving the desired level at the end of that programme.

For example: in one company, managers may have a mature understanding of how to motivate their staff but they may need enrichment on the topic, where as in another company managers may lack even a basic understanding of the principles of motivation.

Examples of Junior and Middle Management course modules offered include: