Project Management is the work involved in, planning, resourcing, organising, directing and controlling the development of an acceptable solution at an agreed cost within an agreed timeframe. At Ci2i, every bit of work that we undertake is considered a project and should therefore be considered thoughtfully in terms of feasibility, risks, quality and delivery.

Project Planning

Ci2i employs the PMBoK project planning methodology to develop the project plans, schedules and reports. Our project planning methodology includes the following:


Change Management

One of the most complicated aspects of successful projects is that of change management. Ci2i will assist you to navigate through this change using a structured change management methodology of PCI (People Centred Implementation developed by Changefirst) The PCI methodology describes the six critical success factors that must be managed to build commitment to change initiatives and create behaviour change.

The Ci2i organisational change management methodology includes techniques for creating a change management strategy (readiness assessments), engaging senior managers as change leaders (sponsorship), building awareness of the need for change (communications), developing skills and knowledge to support the change(education and training), helping employees move through the transition (coaching by managers and supervisors), and methods to sustain the change (measurement systems, rewards and reinforcement).


Project Management Office

The Project Management Office (PMO) is a crucial support structure to a business for defining and maintaining the project management standards and quality of documentation produced. Ci2i will assist you to put in place a PMO to achieve the following:

Ci2i subscribes to the PMBoK project management principles.