Outsourcing Analysis is the process of assessing the viability and feasibility of contracting with an outside supplier (vendor) to assume the responsibility for one or more of the necessary functions or services. Often businesses only outsource non-core or business support services because, often, these require specialist skills, knowledge or infrastructure that the business can obtain more competitively through an outsourcing supplier. Ci2i will assist you to assess the viability of outsourcing selected business processes and to put the right management processes in place to ensure that the outsourcing relationship is meaningful and long-lasting.

Outsourcing Strategy Design

Every business should constantly be looking at its processes and determining which processes should remain inhouse and which processes are candidates for outsourcing. The key benefits of outsourcing need to be carefully worked out and every aspect of the outsourcing contract should be discussed at a strategic level before proceeding with the tender process. Ci2i has assisted many businesses to do this assessment and to ultimately produce a business case and feasibility study for decision.

Market Research

It is important to do a detailed assessment of the market to determine who the potential outsourcing companies are, what their capabilities are and to identify what the can potentially deliver. If the decision is to outsource in country, our suggestion is to always ask the potential service providers to present their offerings at a strategic level to a panel who can assess and obtain the information required. If the decision is to go out of the country, our recommendation is to travel to that country and to arrange meetings with the companies identified. This process of market research is vital for understanding how service providers will deliver your requirements, including turnaround times, customer service, costing, quality, etc.
Ci2i can assist you to prepare for these meetings with a detailed questionnaire, arrange and facilitate the meetings and document the outcomes. A detailed report and presentation is the deliverable for this step.

Preparing Request for Proposal/Information/Qualification

Ci2i understands the process for preparing tenders to go to market � the better the request document, the better the respondent�s submissions. We will assist you to document the response requirements in the right format, level of detail and ensure that the content is relevant and sufficient for the respondents. We will also assist you to hold briefing sessions, document and despatch additional requirements and manage the whole request for proposal stage.

Supplier/Vender Assessment

The assessment of responses is of critical importance to ensure fairness, proper handling and objectivity. Ci2i has an assessment methodology based on Pairwise Comparison � each scoring factor (business requirement) is allocated a score on a scorecard. The assessment allows one to allocate compliance, confidence and risk scores and ultimately it generates a score that can be used to assess and compare against the other respondents. This process for assessing responses is clinical and instils confidence in the respondents that every response criteria is properly assessed and compared.

Contract Design

Although the drawing up of contracts is preferably a legal task, we believe that business managers should document their service level requirements, measures and assessments and these should be clearly reflected in the contract. Ci2i will assist with ensuring that the contract is complete, comprehensive and compliant with the business requirement.

Service Level Agreement Standards Design

Ci2i has extensive experience in setting up SLA�s (service level agreements) and SOP�s (standard operating procedures). We will ensure that each SLA is fully documented, the measures are clear and that regular assessment intervals are agreed and implemented. It is important to note that service providers will adhere better to a specific, well documented and managed SLA and the results of the outsourcing strategy will be achievable if the service provider is clear on what to deliver.