The only real and meaningful income to any business is through invoicing for sales. We can assist you to grow your business sales volumes by using our unique and proven business development methodology. This process always begins with understanding your specific market strategy, the products and services you offer and understanding how these fit with your customer needs.

Business Proposal Management

Many businesses find it very time consuming and demanding on their resources to respond, write and submit winning business proposals:

Ci2i will assist you to write up and complete a professional submission and we ensure that it is submitted on time correctly. We also assist you by ensuring that every detail is in the proposal, thinking through every option and providing creative, innovation solutions. Because of our experience, we understand what clients are looking for in a submission and therefore the quality and care that should go into such a submission.
Once your company has been shortlisted or selected for review, most clients will require a presentation to be made. Ci2i will assist you to prepare the presentation and selling pitch, and we will work with you to rehearse the presentation to ensure that maximum impact is made in the required time allocation.
The implementation stage is very important and it is crucial to ensure that the promises made in the previous stages are correctly designed and implemented. Ci2i will assist with the project management and business analysis to ensure that the implementation goes smoothly and meets the expectations of the client.

Pipeline Development

Ci2i has an extensive network of business relationships with business people and entrepreneurs from various industries. Pipeline development is the process of identifying and developing a constant flow of new clients for the business. We will assist you to put in place a pipeline development methodology by:

A good pipeline management process is vital to the success of any business and Ci2i has the expertise to assist you to develop the right processes and techniques to ensure that you convert your prospects into successful clients.

Strategic Relationships and Alliance Management

Ci2i can assist you with the planning, design and implementation of a successful joint venture or partnership relationship by assisting you with the setting up of management processes for strategic relationships and alliances with other third-party companies. Our methodology will assist you with making the following decisions:

Broad-based Black Economic Empowerment (BB-BEE) has introduced unique opportunities in South Africa for partnerships and strategic relationships. Ci2i can assist you with developing your BB-BEE strategy, assessing the opportunities, identifying the right business partners and creating the new business venture.

South Africa offers a low cost, high return value proposition to American, UK and European companies for services. Ci2i can assist you to develop your strategy to attract and implement services as an off-shore services provider to overseas based companies. Continue (hyper-link to �)