Business Analysis is the study, analysis, and redesign of fundamental business processes to reduce costs and/or improve value to the business � to become more competitive. Business Analysis can lead to dramatic changes in the business by changing and improving the fundamental business processes by applying new technologies, new skills, new ways of working or any combination. Ci2i will assist you to set audacious goals for your business and we will then set about drawing on our experience to make your business more competitive.

Strategic Business Planning

Every business and business unit within the organisation should have a clear, well communicated business strategy. Ci2i employs a number of best-practiced strategic planning methodologies and prefers �The Strategic Thinking� method described and practiced by Michel Robert. Our objective through this strategy exercise is to place your business in a far superior position to your competitors by focusing on developing the DNA or Driving Force of the company that is going to make your business supreme.

Business Case Development

Every project or new development in the business should have a business case, or at least go through the rigor of a business case assessment. Ci2i can provide a business case model that will assist you to think through and capture all expenditure and revenue items. The model also provides a project risk model to ensure that all identified project risks have sufficient mitigation strategies. The business case is most often presented with a project plan and business proposal as a complete set of documentation to obtain an investment decision from the business.

Business Requirements Definition

Ci2i has the skills and know-how to produce the required set of deliverables required for the development team to produce the required product. This documentation is often also referred to as the specification document and contains the necessary requirements specified in sufficient detail to give the development team enough to develop a high quality product within the agreed time frame. Ci2i employs a specific �waterfall� methodology consisting of a series of process maps that produce incremental detail until each process has been defined sufficiently.

Workshop Facilitation

Facilitating workshops that involve multi-disciplinary teams and that produce in valuable deliverables to the project are the kind of results that you can expect from Ci2i. We meticulously plan every session of every workshop to ensure that the maximum value is extracted from every participant and that the desired outcome of the workshop is achieved. We document all deliverables produced and we ensure that the participants receive the output from the workshop in time to review and provide feedback. At Ci2i we believe in the power of workshopping strategic concepts and new ideas through a multi-disciplinary team of people from across the business � our experience shows that this process delivers the best results and buy-in from across the business.

Business Process Improvement/Reengineering

Ci2i has assisted many businesses through a process of fundamentally rethinking their delivery processes and critically analysing and improving their measures of performance, such as cost, quality, service, and speed. At Ci2i, we consider four aspects in the reengineering process:

Our methodology follows a structured five step process: