The South African call center industry is maturing at the same pace as the rest of the world as companies make important decisions around their outsourcing strategies. We provide services to both local SA based companies and to foreign companies looking at off-shoring their call center to South Africa. The South African BPO competitive edge to other countries is our people:

Ci2i is a project management company based in South Africa. We will assist you to match your needs with the South African industry to ensure that you get the best solution for your requirement. Our services include:

South Africa is the gateway to Africa meaning that all the resources and tools required to launch a successful operation in any country north of South Africa can be provided quickly and easily. Ci2i has completed many projects in various African countries and has the footprint through local correspondents to deliver a quality implementation.



About South Africa

South Africa remains one of the world�s favourite tourist destinations. Besides the favourable weather conditions, vast cultures and extensive wildlife, South Africa is also best known for Nelson Mandela, 15 years of peaceful democracy, hosts of the 2010 Soccer World Cup and winners of many international awards in business, sports, arts and culture.

Our business environment rivals any with world class infrastructure for roads, harbours and airports. Our education, health care, financial and banking systems, and living standards rank with the best in the world. South Africa should not be considered for cheap, low cost outsourcing solutions. Rather consider South Africa as a destination for high quality services based on good quality people who are specialists in ensuring that your service levels are met at the highest standards.



The South African Government�s commitment to developing South Africa as a services destination for the provisioning of BPO services remains very strong. In the past decade there have been many concessions made by the SA Government to encourage the importing of services. Through these concessions, we have seen the cost of voice and date fall, labour regulations brought in line with international standards, the focus on developing the services sector through additional Government support, and many other improvements to assist local businesses to provide top quality service levels at international standards.



South Africa operates as a country with good governance and regulating bodies are in place and are given the authority to ensure that the services industry operates with the regulations. The two key regulating bodies for the BPO sector are:

Telecommunications - The Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (ICASA) is the regulator for the South African communications, broadcasting and postal services sector.

Staffing - The Association of Personnel Service Organisations (APSO) is committed to the upliftment and professionalization of the labour recruitment industry in South Africa. With thirty years experience, APSO is well placed to provide guidance to member agencies, client companies and work seekers who want to ensure that their dealings within the labour recruitment sector are legally compliant and operate according to Best Practice Standards.



The call center and BPO industry is a major employer in the South African economy and is well represented and supported across the country. The industry bodies serve to support the industry and ensure that it remains strong in growth and prosperity.

Business Process enabling South Africa (BPeSA) is the national coordinating industry association representing the interests of the Business Process Outsourcing & Offshoring sector in South Africa. The overriding aim of BPeSA is to deliver a national coordinated support service to the industry to enable the development, growth and continued success of the BPO & O sector as a whole, its industries and stakeholders.

The Contact Centre Management Group (CCMG) of South Africa provides an open forum for discussing ideas, trends, innovations, benchmarking, issues and challenges in the contact centre industry. It is, however, not merely a forum: it also offers a unique opportunity to network and interact with industry peers, experts and solutions providers. The CCMG is a progressive establishment geared towards bringing the professionals of the contact centre industry to greater heights.



Consultancies and Research

The following consultancies provide extensive research and information on South Africa in various sectors and industries. These consultancies also provide extensive case studies, benchmarking reports and other research project information.


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Technology is vital to any successful call center and the following IT companies are premier technology solution providers in South Africa.


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